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Want to chat on a sex line tonight?

Sex lines are still really popular, but there are so many to choose from. Last time we looked at the website, one of the newer live phone sex sites serving the good folks of the UK. Recently we’ve had a good snoop around a new UK phone sex site: Phonesexconnections is another new site, just […]

topless cheap phone sex model

Why the cheapest phone sex isn’t always the best

On our quest for the best phone sex experience, we tried quite a few websites and numbers. The experience was so varied. First of all, we tried a ‘party’ line. This was one of the cheapest chat lines we could find online. The website advertised that there were nearly 100 people online and ready to […]

Saving My Wallet

For those of us who are into hone erotica, saving our wallets while keeping the adult fun going is something that’s often hard, but a quick internet search can really help. Making a budget for your phone sex is the best bet to get started. You don’t want to exceed that budget every month because […]

A Late Night Chat

So, I was up late at night, and I have to say that I was a little bored. I hadn’t gotten off in a while, and I found phone erotica to be a bit too expensive. It wasn’t that I thought phone sex was boring because I didn’t, but I did find it to be […]

Sarah’s Sex Lines

It’s not something that many people know about, but you can have phone sex without going through an agency. I know because I’ve done it. Adult phone sex can be found with young girls that are of age anywhere. It can be US phone sex or UK phone sex, and it doesn’t matter. Just look […]

Adult Messaging: Live Sex Chat

  Unlike phone sex, live sex chat is with a person over programs like various instant messaging programs. This can also be fun because it’s completely anonymous. This way you don’t have to worry about any hesitation with telling someone all your dark, sexual secrets. The worry that your voice will break and ruin the […]